There is so much going on around us that often times we get lost in the worldly view and social constraints. What if for a moment we phase out the world and focus on our mind. To be mindful is easier said then done. Exactly, what is practicing mindfulness?

Mindfulness, is the moment (in this moment) awareness of our thoughts and feelings. In the present moment, what are you thinking about and feeling.

When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves. – Jack Kornfield

It is vital that we take the time, even if it is for a moment to re-center ourselves when we are feeling overwhelmed. Being mindful allows for mental clarity, which can allow you to see flawed thinking.

We can ultimately free ourselves from the bondage of our mind if we just allow ourselves to be vulnerable to our own self.

Take a moment today and allow the constraints of your mind to be freed, and be mindful.

In the pursuit of happiness and health,


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Wife. Mom. Nurse. Runner. Nature Enthusiast.

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